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Do Bank and Kick Shots Terrify You-
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Jeanette Lee Bank and Kick Video
"Reflecting on Billiards"


How to use the BANK PERFECTOR 

1) Extend the BANK PERFECTOR to the height of your pool table and keep it handy

2) Using your cue and a finger as a measuring device, measure the distance from the center of your object ball to a point which represents the center of a 'ghost ball' touching the banking rail on a line drawn from the object ball perpendicular to the rail (See Illustration A  below). Put a finger on your cue that is over this point.

Use Cue and Forefinger to drop perpendicular from object ball to ghost ball on the rail  Illustration A    Measure distance between object ball to the center of a "Ghost Ball" on the rail.

3) Then bring your cue backwards without moving your finger from the cue until your cue tip is now over the same point that your finger was on in the last step, that is the center of the ghost ball touching the banking rail on a line from the object ball which is perpendicular to the rail. See  Illustration B below)
Create mirrored target with cue and forefinger and ghost ball center Illustration B
        Finding the equidistant point

You have just measured a point that is equidistant from the center of the ghost ball to the object ball and from the center of the ghost ball to your finger.  Your finger becomes the reference point for  a Mirrored Target device, in our case the BANK PERFECTOR

4) Now double check to make sure your cue is still perpendicular ( 90 degree angle to the rail), still lined up even with the object ball and the tip on the right point then place the BANK PERFECTOR directly under your finger (See Illustration C below)

Place Bank Perfector under forefinger thus creating the Mirrored Target Illustration C      Placement of the BANK PERFECTOR

5) Now go around the table and aim the cue ball at the ball on the top of the BANK PERFECTOR Use a stroke with a hair amount of running English and a slightly harder than medium speed. (See Illustration D on left side of page)

What other pool players are saying:

"Wow, that was easy" said one customer who recently experienced the BANK PERFECTOR

"It really works, my bank and kick shot success rate has gone up considerably since I began using the BANK PERFECTOR  during practice."  a Long time Hawley's Patron

"Everyone is going to want to have this.  You've really got a winning product in the BANK PERFECTOR" Very Experienced customer from Dallas, Texas

ESPN and Jeanette Lee Team up in this very informative 13 minute video that thoroughly explains the science and art behind effectively and consistently making great bank and kick shots, almost every time. 

The BANK PERFECTOR is a portable extendable marker for mirror-imaging those difficult bank and kick shots that would otherwise bring chills to even better pool players. 

For BEGINNERS, it is a super training tool for learning how to setup a mirrored target and about the principles surrounding bank and kick shots which will really improve their game where it can be the weakest.

 For EXPERTS, it's a great practice tool for fine tuning the exact effects caused by different spin, cloth, rail cushions and more, which will help them take their game to the next level.  Or before your next tournament use it to test and gauge the effects that unfamiliar rails or cloth have on your game.

For INSTRUCTORS, it's a must have for visually demonstrating the mirror image technique for accurately shooting bank and kick shots to your students.  It will make it so easy for your students and they will be eternally grateful for having been so effectively instructed in this area of the game.  Dealer inquiries welcome.

The Bank Perfector kick and bank shot training tool

Retracts and Folds Easily to fit in the long pocket of your cue case

Introductory Offer-FREE SHIPPING! for a limited time only

 Aim for ball on top of bank perfector stroking a littler harder than normal with slight running english
Illustration D
This illustration demonstrates how easy it is to make the kick shot once you have accurately placed the BANK PERFECTOR in the right spot. Use a little running English with a slightly medium hard hit.  You will be amazed at the success rate you develop in making great bank and kick shots.

The Bank Perfector kick and bank shot training tool  The aiming ball is mounted atop a durable retractable antenna with sturdy tripod legs that fold inwards for easy storage in the long pocket of your cue case.

Bank Perfector Mirrored Target Illustration E
A shot map drawn from an excellent series of articles written by Bob Jewett in the May through July 2004 Billiard Digest magazine.  In these articles, Bob explains how a mirror target is set up, and how it can significantly improve your bank and kick shot success rate.

He then goes on to explain how certain factors can affect the otherwise equal angle mirror phenomenon theoretically plausible with balls and pool table cushions.

We highly recommend these articles as well as the Piggy Banks interview and "Lesson" article published by Billiard Digest in May 2004, which discusses banks in considerable detail.

  Now here is the dorkiest, most ridiculous 2 minute video ever made that purports to explain how the  BANK PERFECTOR  works. Promise you won't laugh when you see this absolutely unprofessional amateurish attempt to inform and educate.

The Bank Perfector kick and bank shot training tool

$24.95 at Hawley's

Introductory Offer-FREE SHIPPING!
for a limited time only
Want to specify your aiming ball number? Add $4.95