The Drawbacks of Selling Directly to Amazon (1P)

The Drawbacks of Selling Directly to Amazon (1P)

As a full-service Amazon partner, we have seen the impact that selling directly to Amazon can have on brand owners. While this option may seem attractive, there are several reasons why it is actually a bad idea for your business.

Limited Control Over Your Brand

When you sell directly to Amazon, you are giving up a significant amount of control over your brand. Amazon sets the prices for your products, controls the product listings, and decides which products to feature. Amazon notoriously does not adhere to MAP policy. This can make it difficult for you to differentiate your brand and maintain a consistent image and price point across different channels. 

Lack of Insights

Amazon does not share detailed sales data or analytics with brand owners. This makes it difficult to understand your customers and make informed decisions about your product line.

Limited Access to Amazon's Advertising Platforms

Brand owners who sell directly to Amazon do not have access to all of Amazon's advertising platforms. This can limit your ability to drive sales and increase visibility for your products.

Limited Flexibility

When you sell directly to Amazon, you are limited in terms of the products you can offer and the promotions you can run. This can make it difficult to respond to market trends and capitalize on new opportunities.

Shift to 3P with Hawley's

By partnering with Hawley's, you can regain control over your brand and gain access to valuable insights and advertising platforms. Our team of experts help you navigate the complexities of the Amazon marketplace and make strategic decisions to grow your business.

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